Year of the Dog 2018

For centuries, dogs has been the loyal companions for many – rich and poor alike. For some, a dog is the only true friend that they have. Through selective breeding, we now have over 200 different dog breeds that are bred for various functions and purposes. There are dogs trained for search and rescue as well as service dogs for the physically challenged. No matter its functions and purposes, the dog remains and will always be a man’s best friend.

Based on my experiences having dogs as pets, they are affectionate, contented, and quick to forgive. A dog will always brighten up your day whenever you’re down and it is more likely that you will hear humans complaining about their four legged friends than the other way around.

The special bond and relationship between man and his dog can never be truly defined and explained. No two dogs are the same but once you have allowed a dog into your heart, it will remain there forever.

Just like previous years, I have painted the yearly Chinese Zodiac animals and these are the paintings I have done in dedication to the Earth Dog.



Year of the Rooster 2017

Growing up in rural Malaysia throughout the 60s and 70s, our family house was surrounded by a huge land suitable for poultry farming. Back then, we raised our own chickens and ducks for meat as well as for their eggs. It was during this time that my passion for brush painting started and chicken became my favorite practice subject. Over time and as I develop my craft in brush painting, the Rooster and chicken have a special place in my portfolio even until today.

There has been many definitions as to what the Rooster symbolizes especially in the context of the 12 Chinese zodiacs.

It was stated in some writings that the Rooster symbolizes five (5) virtues or values we humans should emulate and cultivate.

Firstly, a rooster’s comb is said to be a symbol of gentleness.

Secondly, its spurs represent courage as they are used for self defense whenever hostile situations arise.

Be it an eagle or any other predators, a Rooster in its attempt to protect its flock will always be ready to confront its enemies. Thus, the third virtue associated with the Rooster is bravery.

Whenever he finds food, a Rooster will make a certain coo that attracts the hens. This action clearly shows how a Rooster can be altruistic in its behavior and thus, selflessness is the fourth virtue of a Rooster.

Last but not least, we all know that the Rooster is well known for its crowing. The timely crowing represents reliability or trustworthiness of the Rooster – always ensuring that the dawn of a new day is announced in style.

Chinese New Year 2017 is the year of the Rooster, my favorite and forte.

Below are some of my artworks to usher in the lunar new year:

The Star Newspaper Article

I was glad to be featured in The Star newspaper for Chinese New Year 2011. With my son and his rabbits appearing alongside my article makes it even more exciting. You can read all about his hobby on his blog – I am not giving him more publicity than he already has (although I am proud of his achievements with the Holland Lops). Here’s the article in question: